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Latest ONS Events:

Date Time Title Event Organizer Entries Status Winner
14-04-2015 21:45:00 CEST Tuesday Night Blood Infinity 4/8 Completed LG'07
13-04-2015 21:30:00 CEST Monday Night Madness Infinity 8/8 Completed LG'07
11-04-2015 22:30:00 CET Saturday night fever ubimajor 8/8 Completed kent38
08-04-2015 20:00:00 CEST Playhouse Racing Infinity 6/8 Completed ubimajor
06-04-2015 22:15:00 CET Marikones ubimajor 8/8 Completed Afonso
05-04-2015 22:45:00 CET Happy Easter ubimajor 8/8 Completed ubimajor
27-03-2015 22:00:00 CET Missing Casela ubimajor 8/8 Completed LG'07
26-03-2015 18:45:00 CET Spritz Time ubimajor 4/8 Completed ubimajor
24-03-2015 21:30:00 CET Schettino Cup ubimajor 8/8 Completed ubimajor
23-03-2015 21:30:00 CET Drao's Memorial ubimajor 8/8 Completed spittillo

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What is One Night Stand?

One Night Stand (ONS) is a short and intensive match racing tournament format, which lasts for only one night (about 2 hours). And best of all, it's 100% user organized! Any VSK Match user can create their own events and manage the race progress through a simple user interface.

ONS is a knock-out / cup event, with quarter finals, semi finals and finals, so it's space for up to 8 participants. Only 1 race per round, which means 3 races in total for each. If you lose in the QF, you will still race for 5th to 8th place in the following rounds.

Protests hearings are not held between each round (this is a sprint event after all...). Instead a red square is placed on the scoreboard, indicating a pending protest. When the event is over, protest may be filed, and the final results will be ready when the protest committee has completed their work. So... Even if you lost on water in round 1, but won the protest, you may be lucky and come out as the event winner, depending on the other results.

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