General rules and terms of using VSK Match

You may only create and use one account on The database is able to track IP's of the skippers registered. Having multiple accounts can easily be used for challenging yourself and thereby acquiring points to help advancing on the ranking. Taking advantage of this will result in lifetime ban from this service. If you have a reason for using multiple accounts from the same IP please contact an administrator.

The e-mail connected to your account at VSK Match should always be a valid one, which you should regularly check. Remember to change your e-mail at VSK Match if you change the e-mail address you use daily. Users with invalid e-mail addresses will be deactivated.

Canceling matches should always be a final solution for difference of opinions by skippers. The feature is meant for undoing wrongly reported results i.e. if you accidentally chose a wrong opponent from the skippers list.

Treat others like you want you want to be treated by them. Harassing, racism and other bad behavior will not be tolerated and will result in ban from the service. In a matter of difference of opinion explain your opinion clearly in a non-foul language. Make sure you can point to a rule if you protest against another skipper.

What races should be registered on VSK Match

1. In principle, all match races between 2 skippers registered to VSK Match must be registered, unless the race is classified as practice.
2. It should be communicated before the race if any of the skippers does not want the race to be official, ie. having it classified as practice (for example for prestart training or to test new courses). Though we will request you to concider as many races as possible as official. The more races registered, the more accurate will the ranking be.
3. All official match races in events/tournaments/championships, either hosted at VSK Match or at external sites, will be classified as VSK Match eligible races by default. Such races cannot be downgraded to practice races, neither by an article in the SI or as an agreement between the two skippers.

How to race

1. On the 1st setup screen, preferably enter race name “”, controls setting Normal and rules level Complete.
2. On the 2nd setup screen, preferably choose courses provided by VSK Match, but you may use other courses as well. Course should minimum have 2 upwind and 2 downwind legs. If one of the skippers in the match is the author of the course, give the other skipper a chance to try the course before you race an official race.
3. On the 3rd setup screen(s), preferably enable random wind shifts. Just keep settings as they are if you use the VSK Match courses.
4. When you have an opponent on the water, make sure he/she is a VSK Match member.
5. Inform him/her of the wind shifts characteristics. Example: 'Wind shifts are random with base parameters 10 degrees and 1:30 minutes.'
6. If it's a not a VSK Match course, inform the opponent of the course characteristics (wind, changes in direction, current, estimated time for the game to last etc.).
7. Race!
8. Winner of the race reports the result of the match (and optional statistics) on the VSK Match website as soon as possible. Waiting with submitting results is only allowed if you sail a series of matches vs. the same skipper in a row. Please note that when sailing series (more than one match) results should be submitted in the same order as they were sailed (coordinate with your opponent).
PS! If the race is subject to a dispute, the race should not be reported until the dispute has led to concensus.
9. Save the replay of the race. The replay shall be kept at least for 7 days, to be given to the VSK Match Committee upon request.

Definition of a prestart win
• A boat with no pens which at least is slightly ahead of the other boat at the start, and this advantage is likely to be extended to a clear ahead situation during the first beat.

• A boat with no pens which just after the start is on starboard tack and physically equal to the other boat, while the seperation to the other boat is so big that there is no disturbance of the wind.
• A boat which is physically equal to the other boat at the start, while the other boat has one penalty pending.

If none of the boats were in any of these three position just after the start the start, then the prestart should generally be classified as a tie. NOTE: This includes the situation were a boat is ahead at the start, but has 1 pending penalty. You are of course allowed to use common sense if there are obvious reasons for classifying a situation as a prestart win, even if it doesn't fit in the definition above.

PS! Be very accurate when reporting prestart winner!
Otherwise you will not have reliable prestart statistics shown on the ranking page.

How to find opponents

Feel free to use any of the following methods:
• Contact your friends through your prefered communication tools (msn, other chats etc).
• Enter the VSK Match main page, and ask for opponents in the chat.
• Launch a match race in the VSK lobby, with game name “”. This last way of looking for opponents may lead to some non-registered skippers joining the game. If they are not VSK Match members, please ask them to register (the more skippers in the database, the better quality on the ranking).

Behaviour on the water

1. All VSK Match members are required to sail under the spirit of fair play and to do their best to learn and follow the ISAF rules. This means that you try to find a common understanding of the rules if you disagree on the water. If necessary, consult an experienced skipper or post a message in the forum. (PS! Send a message to admin euphoria after registering to the forum, as the registration has to be approved.) A call made by a VSK Match umpire, is the final decision.
2. Don’t quit while racing for no particular reason. Quitting will be taken as a forfeit and the remaining skipper will win by default.
3. If a skipper is disconnected from the game due to connection problems, please relaunch another race and/or enter the VSK Match chat to communicate with the other skipper. We suggest you
• Relaunch another race if it was not clear that one boat was in front of the other
• If one boat was ahead, restart the race and make sure the boat that was ahead is given a similar advantage in the new race
• Score the race as a win to the leading boat if the margin was so big that it was unlikely the the other boat could have catched up
4. Depending on physical distance between the skippers the data packets have to travel shorter or longer through the Internet. Please take lag into consideration when maneuvering close to your opponent.
5. Use of the spinnaker before starting is not allowed. If you accidentially push the wrong button please tell your opponent in the chat as soon as you can.
6. If a VSK penalty is cancelled, and this penalty is found correct with regards to the ISAF rules, then the boat that got the pen cancelled lost the race, regardless of what happened later in the race.

How the rankings are calculated

You begin with 1600 rating points. Your rating points will increase when you win a race and decrease when you lose a race

Ranking points = Rn + Bonus Points

Rn = Ro + Points
Rn is the new rating.
Ro is the old (pre-race) rating.
Points = 32*(S-WP), rounded to nearest integer, but never 0 (either 1 or -1)

S is the score in the race.
For a win, S=1
For a loss, S=0

WP is the expected score (Win Probability), which is calculated from the following formula:
WP = 1/(10^(DR/400)+1)
DR equals the difference in ratings (DR = OpponentRo - YourRo).

Bonus points:
- 200 points if you have done at least 100 races the last 365 days
- 100 points if you have done at least 30 races the last 30 days
If you have fulfilled parts of the criteria, you will get a similar ratio of the bonus points.

If you win a race you will receive between 1 and 32 points. The loser will have their rating reduced by same amount of points as the winner is gaining. You will have more points if you beat a better ranked skippers than if you beat a worse ranked skipper.


Comments and input are always welcome and will be taken serious. Please send your message to any of the administrators with a detailed explaination of either your case or your ideas.

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